About us

About us

People Partner was established in 2014 and has been an efficient organisation with sky-high ambitions ever since. We are driven by the challenge to always provide our clients with exactly the right person for the right assignment. We supply ambitious, innovative and driven consultants with relevant expertise and motivation for every assignment. We are ISO-certified, we value personality and we always work closely with both our clients and our consultants. In this way, we develop an understanding for each project and are able to match each consultant’s expertise and personality to the right assignment.


We are:

Committed and enthusiastic

Personal and capable

Fast and flexible


We firmly believe that no other company in Sweden can match People Partner’s delivery capacity within our field. We have experience in the sectors in which our clients operate, i.e. everyone who works for People Partner has industry experience. This ensures that we understand our clients’  needs at every level. We can take on both small, fast-paced assignments and major assignments due to our substantial capacity based on a personnel pool of around 40,000 people across the Nordic region. This enables us to offer our clients personnel with local knowledge and also enables our clients to save on travel, accommodation and subsistence costs. People Partner handle assignments across the Nordic region from offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Oslo and Helsinki.


Business areas:

  • Event and demo staff, hosts & hostesses
  • Make-up artists and skin care therapists
  • Receptionists and financial assistants
  • Production and project managers
  • Service personnel, bartenders, and baristas
  • Tour staff
  • Marketing and sales



Recruitment service & Customer security for manpower

  • Our manpower recruitment service is based on an extremely thorough process and we meet EVERYONE who works for us, regardless of whether it concerns a long-term assignment, hiring or employment.
  • An extensive and relevant network makes our recruitment fast and cost-effective.
  • To ensure our clients purchase the right services, we will gladly offer advice before any contract is signed.
  • We guarantee salaries and working hours equivalent to or better than corresponding collective agreements. We also pay compensation for pension contributions in connection with longer hiring assignments.
  • We always have reserves in place who can step in at short notice in the event of illness, and at weekends and evenings we offer an on-call service 24 hours a day. Reporting in accordance with the customer’s wishes with time reporting down to 15-minute intervals.
  • Our motto is to always help our clients no matter what the assignment involves. We have recruited suitable candidates for most positions within our segment, covering everything from senior project managers and art directors to lovesick ballad singers and Moomins.

Recruitment service

In addition to short-term manpower cover, People Partner also offers a traditional recruitment service for permanent posts and long-term assignments. Thanks to our own extensive contact network and industry experience, we understand our clients’ needs. We follow a proven and effective selection process with the aim of securing the perfect candidate for your company. For us, recruitment is about supplying your organisation not only with the right expertise but also with the right personality. With our manpower pool, we have a close and often long-term relationship with our consultants, which enables us to carry out recruitments at a reasonable price. Competition for the very best personnel is tough and we will also gladly help make your organisation as attractive as possible when we recruit for you. All to make it easier for you as a client.

We also offer you the opportunity to try out applicants first by hiring them as a consultant via us. We know how to find the right person based on your requirements and wishes.

We support good causes

We believe in long-term commitments to good causes and consider that everyone, both companies and individuals alike, can make a difference. That is why we support many organisations in areas which are close to our hearts, both locally and globally. See the organisations we support below.


Doctors of the World

Doctors of the World is a network of international humanitarian organisations. The organisation provides emergency and long-term medical care to the world’s most vulnerable people. In Sweden, they have run a clinic for illegal immigrants since 1995 and campaign to change rules, systems and attitudes so that everyone who needs care receives it. Read more about their vital work here.


Zero tolerance towards bullying in schools

We strongly believe that every child and adolescent should be entitled to a safe and secure school environment. That is why we support Nolltolerans mot Mobbning (Zero tolerance towards bullying in schools), which aims to be a key player in opinion-forming concerning bullying and other types of abuse to which children and adolescents can be subjected. See their website for more information (in Swedish only).


Active school

There has been a steady stream of worrying reports about Swedish schools in crisis in recent years. Swedish school education comes out bottom compared with results in other OECD countries. We believe it is time to tackle school issues from a parent and pupil perspective and are therefore supporting Aktiv skola (Active school).

Welcome App

If you arrived in a new country without knowing anyone, wouldn’t it be nice if someone came up to you and shook your hand? In a world where governments and filter bubbles sometimes bring people further from each other, Welcome aims to bring people closer together.

People Partner works with Welcome app, which mobilises people into welcoming newcomers to Sweden. In today’s society, we need special people who can make the world a more welcoming place, people who dare to break away from the mundane and the ordinary and shut out everything that ”will do”.


Wildhood Foundation

A non-profit organisation which is fighting the illegal poaching and trafficking of wild endangered species in Africa and Indonesia. Wildhood was founded in Sweden in 2016 by Filippa Tarras-Wahlberg.


Our environmental policy

Here at People Partner, we protect the environment and constantly strive to change and improve our working methods and processes in order to minimise our impact on the environment. We also strive to work with partners and suppliers who offer environmentally friendly products and services. Compliance with applicable environmental laws, statutes and regulations is a minimum requirement. As part of our efforts to minimise our impact on the environment, we:

  • Strive to reduce the need for travel by replacing meetings with conference calls and web conferences.
  • Travel by public transport wherever possible.
  • Minimise our consumption of energy, paper and other resources.
  • Sort and recycle all our waste.

We continually strive to improve these points and implement changes to bring about a greener everyday existence.